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years experience

THE Story about me

Expect someone different in many ways. My work, life, and everything I do follow a simple premise – “I do what I want and what is logically best.”

I am a passionate entrepreneur who founded the first company with 13. I share my knowledge internationally on many stages, teach at several universities as visiting assoc. professor, advise governments, and have other obligations that align with my vision to change the world.

Learning fast, always trying to understand connections, and being constantly curious are things that describe my character well. You will soon find out that I am more than well-educated and able to discuss with you most topics with ease. No matter if it’s about Physics, Art, History, Politics, Technology, Medicine, Business, Psychology, and more.

Besides knowledge, learning, work, and BDSM, I also love cooking, baking, traveling, exploring new topics, and the little things in life like a glass of wine, a good kiss, or a lazy Sunday with good movies. I go to the gym, dance many different styles and I try to also enjoy nature when possible.

Don’t settle for less

Why Choose Me

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One of the most intelligent man I ever met with a kind and warm heart, despite being very strong, strict and dominant.

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Ever grateful for everything my master offered. His training will make me a better slave for the future. Thank you for your training and protection.

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After an unfortunate start into the BDSM world, I was so happy to have found his protection, patience and experience. One of the most amazing persons of my life – Thank you for this great opportunity!!!

my BDSM side

BDSM is something that has been part of me since the first time I had sex. It was the play of power, control, and also creativity to break out from the “standard” which was simply boring and repetitive. 

During the years I systemized the approach to experience everything – and I mean EVERYTHING you can imagine and I experienced probably things you never heard of before. My love for exploring and learning came together with my natural side to be kinky. This is why I now know all sides, all plays, all fetishes, and all kings by heart and many of these stuck to me and are not part of me.

My goal now is to find women who are complementary and who appreciate sexual creativity, sexual openness, and dark fantasies.


BDSM Test results

100% Master/Mistress
100% Sadist
100% Rigger
100% Owner
100% Degrader
98% Dominant
94% Primal (Hunter)
93% Experimentalist
90% Voyeur
88% Brat tamer
86% Daddy/Mommy
86% Ageplayer
66% Non-monogamist


My Experience

As mentioned above, I did many things in the BDSM area. I listed many of my fetishes, kinks, and experiences as a dom in a separate section. You will find a lot of different fields, and please take a little time also to get to know my side of things, so the expectations are aligned.

Please note:  Depending on roles, dynamic, and the power-exchange from both sides (e.g., daddy/little, dom/sub, master/slave, etc.), there will be different variations of these kinks and fetishes in place. 

About Me

All you Need

I have been in the BDSM world for over a decade, trained many subs, slaves and pets. If you are looking for an experienced hand to guide you, nurture your submissive side and protect you with a strong hand, then I can be all you ever needed and wanted.

Protective & Loving

Despite having a demanding side, you will also experience a protective and loving man that cares about you.


I had the pleasure to literally experience everything. This gives you full freedom to live through all fetishes, experience a wide array of fetishes and become a canvas for sexual creativity.


You can expect the highest grade of conversations. From Arts, Science, Economics, Technology and more. 

Well mannered

Due to my profession and also my education, you will find a gentleman that takes care about manners and will also teach them if necessary.

Open minded

An open mind is important to me. Be curious, ask questions, be open and we will be a good fit.


By nature, I am demanding of my protective. You will see a firm hand, fast adaption and also a demanding man that wants to bring you to the next level.