understand me and know what I expect

What i expect from you

My Expectations

To be frank, there are a lot of expectations from my side as I will give you something only few people worldwide can give you in this combination. So I am trying to be specific on the “Basics” but give you the freedom for other things like roles and dynamics.

I have basic expectations – they are non negotiable. My expectations will always be based independent of the power dynamics and the will evolve based on your potentials. I am experienced enough to know what different commitments, roles and power dynamics mean in BDSM and D/S and how best to implement them to create a unique personal lerning journey for everyone.

Rember: No one is the same and it’s silly to impose strict roles or expect certain roles, if they don’t fit your character, wishes and desires.

This means that the dynamic is based the premise that you will grow, learn, evolve and become the best (and most perverted) version of yourself. A version that is worth to kneel in front of me, because it is strong enough to go but knows well enough to still fall on her kees.

So let me tell you the non-negotiable requirements I have first.




I expect something special and not average. Even if you just want to apply to become my object, my slave or doll, I still expect good looks, a well taken care of body and other things.

From other dynamics I expect passion, intelligence, obedience, openness and also some kind of love. The list on the side indicates the most crucial basics of what I expect as a maledom and what I demand from you as my sub.


Being a alpha dominant male and a dominant daddy, it should be clear that I never share my property with other men.

18-38 years

Age shouldn’t be a big problem for both. I don’t mind younger or older women because its always on a personal basis. But as I also have external meetings where I will be accompanied by my sub, I limited the age range.

Curious / Openness

Be curious about the world, you should be willing to learn and open for new experiences.

Bisexual / Bi-curious

Over time, you will learn to live, love and interact with other women, because this also expands your sex life and opens up new dynamics. These interactions always take place within the dynamic – not behind your back.

BMI < 20

As you can see in my kinks and fetishes, my gentle maledom heart beats faster with lean, skinny, thin or petite bodies. An important aspect for me is the femininity, the fragility and the physical power difference.

Anal loving

I am a big fan of all kinds of kinky plays but anal stands out for a variety of reasons and so it should also be for you.

Pissplay / Cumplay loving

Another basic requirement that will set you apart is that you also love to play with piss or cum.

Open for “no-limits”

The more you give, the more I care – My simple promise/credo says everything. The less limited I am and the more you give yourself to me, the more my dominant side wants you, nurtures you and encourages you and gives you more of me.

Be yourself

Fitting Roles & Dynamics

If you meet basic requirements and can give me the creative freedom and you and your body, then I give you the opportunity to flourish. Historically, I have made the best experiences with following roles and dynamics.

When you find several roles exciting, then all the better – the more creative freedom the better.

submission, obedience and control

Submissive / Masochist

As your master I expect full obedience, full control over you, your desires, your sexuality, your body and everything else. Being submissive and masochistic is one of the keys to my heart. The more submissive you get the more you will get.

Become a submissive and masochist for your dominant maledom and master
Become a slave and property for your dominant master and owner

Everything – without limits

Slave / Property

I expect from a slave that she fully submits. CIS (Complete Irrevocable Submission) will also mean that you are mine, your body belongs to me and I expect full obedience. As my property and slave you will do everything my dominant heart desires without questioning. If you don’t obey, then there will be consequences.

Servitude and obedience  

Maid / Servitude

As my maid and servant I expect you to focus on details, on the little things, on my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my other subs. You are there to please and to let others enjoy your service so your full attention and obedience is focused on everyone else, no matter what they want.

Maid service and servitude for your dominant master and dominant alpha male
Become a little middle princess for your dominant daddy dom

affection, attention and love

Little / Middle / Princess

As my Little / Middle / Princess I expect from you full attention, full affection for daddy and also willingness to learn whatever daddy teaches you. I will protect you, let you sit on my lap and choose the right clothes but in return you will be a good little one and show that your dominant daddy can do everything he wants with you.

Loyalty, submission and control


I enjoy women who also want to be sadistic and dominant with women. This kind of switch (Dominant with women, submissive with men) is more than welcome to apply. I expect you to only act in my ruling, to submit when I tell you and to respect my other properties.

As a switch you will also get to feel my alpha male dom side which can be very demanding – so try to be bratty and you will see the consequences.

Be a switch for a dominant male and become dominat over other women
Being a brat for a dominant alpha male and bearing the consequences

Loyalty, respect and affection


Being a brat and provoking your dom can be a spicy game. But I expect you to know the consequences as there will be always consequences when playing with the fire. I expect a brat to have respect, loyalty and affection.

Love, affection and attention


As your owner I expect your attention, affection and also love towards your owner. I will take good care, train you, give you attention and also your own cage, space and collar. This collar will be worn with pride.

Pet and pet submissive to become owned and trained by a pet owner and master
Become a rubberdoll and human doll for an experienced master and owner

dollification and modification


As my doll and rubber doll I expect full freedom to form you, to change your body, your attitude, your appearance and everything else. I want to be able to form you into the perfect doll for all my pleasures, needs and fantasies.

Full control and Dehumanization  

Object / Furniture

As my object and property I expect you to become nothing more than what I tell you. You will serve as my table, my holes to fuck or even just decoration. I will expect full control with the possibility for full dehumanization.

Become an object objectification slave to a dominant master