Control, Dominance, Training and Ownership

Master & Owner

Your master
Your Owner

When you are mine and submit to me as a slave, property, doll or object then I will take full control of you. I will own your body, your movement, train your mind and make sure that you are being formed into something I am proud to own. 

Being a Master and Owner also means understanding the great gift a woman can give by fully offering herself. Fully offering her mind and body is a big commitment and shows a strong will. This is why I have very deep respect of every slave, property, doll or object for giving this precious gift to an master and owner.

It also means a lot for me as I will make sure to train you well, to give you the guidance, nurturing and framework to grow and become fully mine. This means a lot of time and energy spent on you as well as also love and respect. 

When submitting to be fully owned and controlled it is of upmost importance that both parties understand the consequences and there is also a mutual basis for this. Because once ownership is gifted, it can only be taken away if the Master and Owner allows it.


Give yourself to me


Bondage is a lot about control, giving up control and physically being at the mercy of your Dom. When being tied up you allow someone else to take control of your body, to limit your movement, to restrict your freedom and placing yourself at the mercy of the rigger.

Giving up full control full submission and becoming a slave to an experience maledom
Become a slave and submissive to a dominant master maledom and owner

Give yourself to an experienced master

Become OWNED

Being completely under control of an experienced and intelligent Dom, will give you the freedom to serve, be obedient and only focus on what your master wants. You will be thankful for the punishment, training and attention as you know that it will be making you a better property and you want to make your master and owner happy. 

Get the most experienced master and owner

Choose me as
your master


You don’t want to submit yourself to a beta dominant. You want an alpha dominant male that is successful in business, private and BDSM life. I will give you the necessary guidance, strict dominance and also experience you will need to thrive as a slave and my property.


With my broad experience and deep knowledge I will train you perfectly. You can expect a very demanding, strict and controlling Dom that knows how to take care of his property and to nurture it to become the best slave and property. I will take care to improve you till I become proud of you.

Attention & Care

I choose my slaves and property wisely. No matter if you apply as object, slave, doll, pet or anything else. When you give me full control over you I will give you also lots of attention and also care. When I own something I really take good care of it and will also make sure to improve it every day. You will be in good and experienced hands.

What is a master?

A Master in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) is a person who holds a dominant role in a BDSM relationship. They are often referred to as the “top” or “dominant” in the BDSM dynamic.

A Master in BDSM should have a deep understanding of BDSM practices and is skilled in various forms of BDSM play. They have a strong sense of control and can guide and direct their partner(s) through different BDSM activities.

As a Master, they are responsible for creating a safe and consensual environment for BDSM play. They establish clear boundaries and rules for the relationship and ensure that their partner(s) are comfortable and consenting at all times. They also profoundly understand their partner(s) desires, limits, and fetishes and work to fulfill them. Usually, the power dynamic is Master/Slave, where the women fully submit to the Master. The power dynamic of a Master in BDSM can vary depending on the type of BDSM relationship they are in, whether it is a traditional Master/slave dynamic, a Daddy/little dynamic, or an Owner/property dynamic, each dynamic has a different level of power and control.

A Master in BDSM is seen as a leader, guide and teacher, and they can help their partner(s) explore their own BDSM desires. Similar roles can also be found in Daddy Doms, but Masters are rather demanding and strict, while Daddy Doms are more nurturing and caring. They are also able to help them develop their BDSM skills, and they allow them to grow and learn.

What is an Owner?

An owner in BDSM context refers to someone who holds a dominant role in a BDSM relationship and takes on the role of an owner toward their partner(s). This type of BDSM dynamic is known as “Owner/property” dynamic, and it is considered a more extreme form of BDSM. This might include the “Slave ownership” a “Pet Owner” but also other forms of ownership, where the submissive would sign a contract stipulating to be an owned good/object, slave, person, maid, sexworker or any other form of BDSM dynamic.

An owner in BDSM views their partner(s) as their property, and they take on the role of a masterful and possessive figure. They exert control over their partner(s) in all aspects of their lives, including their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

As an owner, they have the power to make decisions and give commands, and their partner(s) are expected to obey and follow their orders. They also have the right to discipline their partner(s) if they disobey or fail to meet their expectations.