Skinny, Fit, Athletic, feminine, petite, and “Fragile”

Femininity &
Thin bodies

 Thin Women
My preference and a big fetish

Admittedly one of my biggest weaknesses is thin, fit, athletic, petite, and skinny female bodies. I am tall, masculine, and with muscles – The attraction might be that I look exactly for the opposite in my subs.

Another factor I figured out over the years is also my protective instinct. The more “fragile” a woman is, the more I want to own and protect her. But also the relative weakness of a very feminine and thin body compared to mine is important. Just knowing that I can physically overwhelm the women at any time is one of my fetishes. I love to know that I have the physical power to do whatever I want with her. But on the other side I will always be protecting her due to this fragility and relative weakness.

If you read the other sections about clothing, corsets, heels, body modifications etc. then you might already understand what important role this topic has for me. Being feminine, “fragile” and thin triggers a lot in me.

So present yourself and behave very feminine, have a lean body and show me your cutest side – chances are good you will win my attention and maybe my heart.

Skinny and lean bodies

Thin & Fit

My fetish for thin women is big and this also means that its a minimum requirement to apply as my sub to have a BMI of under 20. I will also control your weight, your training regime and will adore you.

Skinny fit and aesthetic submissives for a dominant maledom
Femininity fragility and feminie subs for an experienced alpha maledom

Being my opposite


As mentioned above it is something that I look for because I am very masculine. I am looking for femininity and the “soft” part as I am rough, manly and strong. As mentioned above, feminine fragility makes me weak 😉

Get an experienced owner and Master

Choose me as
your Owner

Trust & Respect

Submission is a gift that is given and not taken. This means respecting initial boundaries and earning trust. It is of upmost importance that both sides understand the importance of trust and respect, this is why I only take full submission after there is trust. This is especially important when we are speaking about full submission do your dominant.




With my broad experience and deep knowledge I will take care of your body and form you aesthetically. You can expect a very demanding Dom with lots of fantasy towards using your body, dressing you up and feminizing you. I will dedicate a lot of time for your training, choosing the clothing and optimizing you to become a perfect object of desire.

Caring & Loving

Different situations in BDSM are demanding, challenging and sometimes even dangerous. With my experience, attention and my caring side, you will always be on the safe track to experience what you want but without the dangers and problems. Trust me as your experienced Dom to lead you to your fantasies, caring for you and taking good care of your body.