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Bisexuality & Forced-Bi

The special interaction between women

Bisexuality in women is something fascinating, aesthetic and erotic. The interaction is different and the dynamic very much so. This is why all my subs, slaves and properties need to be bisexual or will be forced into bisexual interactions.

All interactions are always there when everyone is present. I will never be going behind someone’s back. It should be always transparent for everyone and I had many relationships with a healthy and loving dynamic where everyone takes care of each other.

Another positive aspect is that different emotional and sexual dimensions can be discussed between women and also sexual aftercare after extremer games and sessions to get safely into subspace and out again. 


Feminine love and attention

Enjoy other women

Interactions between submissives will be part of your life, training and interaction with me. It is about attention, attraction, affection and also love. Taking care of each other, fulfilling sexual fantasies but also being there for your demanding Dom.

Forced Bisexualiy between subs and their master dom and maledom
Dominant women training submissive women with an experienced dom and master

Dominant women and subs

FemDom with a switch

There can be cases when I also give a switch women access to my world and my subs. This women will also have the right to use and train the submissives under my guidance and trust. 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to Bondage

Why Choose
me as Dom

Trust & Respect

Submission is a gift that is given and not taken. This means respecting initial boundaries and earning trust. It is of upmost importance that both sides understand the importance of trust and respect, this is why I only take full submission after there is trust. This is especially important when we are speaking about interacting with other women.


Don’t settle for less until you have it better. That is my credo and that is what I can offer you. I literally did everything and my experience determines a lot of my doing. I had many long term relationships with more than one submissive and learned over the years the key areas to take care to give everyone more.

Love & Passion

I will never choose a sub solely on looks, kinks or wishes. I would describe myself as a very passionate but also romantic man. That literally means that any woman who makes the cut and gets approved by me, will get a lot of affection, love, kisses and cuddles. This love and passion also means that I will always take care and make sure to keep you safe with others.