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Brat taming is one of the most dynamic BDSM roles because it involves many different levels of interaction and mutual understanding. I love the play between disobedience, setting and enforcing boundaries and allowing the brat to invest in that dynamic.

The tamer of the brat also has an educational role, almost like in a daddy-dom dynamic. So it’s about proper communication of boundaries, it’s about strict enforcement, but also giving someone the space to tease and playfully break rules, always with the consequences in mind that her strict dom is a brat tamer that loves to put her in her place.

Note: I only want to have a true brat dynamic and not a generally disrespectful or toxic dynamic. So if you just call bad manners and bad behavior “bratty,” we won’t warm up.


Playful, strict and experienced

Your Limits

I’m good at setting and enforcing rules. Playing in a Brat/Brat-Tamer dynamic means that both need to know the boundaries well and that those boundaries need to be strictly enforced. I like to be playful and speed up the dynamic by playing with rules, responding to you, but also being very strict and demanding. Because in the end, my goal is always for you to grow personally, intellectually in life and in business.

Brat Tamer that sets limits and experienced dom to tame every brat
Dare to be bratty - experienced dom and brat tamer

Brat-taming, rules and discipline

Dare to be bratty

If you want to be really naughty, then I will show you exactly what the consequences are when you challenge your Dom and where your limits are. I will put you in your place and also take care of educating you, teaching you manners and showing you your place again.

What is a “Brat Tamer”?

A “brat tamer” is used in the BDSM community to describe a dynamic where the submissive partner is portrayed as a “brat,” or someone mischievous, playful, and who enjoys pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior. The dominant partner, or “tamer,” is responsible for training and disciplining the brat, often through various forms of punishment such as spanking, corner time, or other forms of impact play.

The “Brat Tamer”, also called just “Tamer”, takes on their brat. This can be in many ways from being a fed-up Daddy who disciplines his little disobedient bratty girl to a teacher, priest (or other roles) who disciplines the submissive.

Punishment, restraints, impact play and other forms of corporal punishments are inflicted on the submissive to make her obey, show consequences and also educating the submissive in a sexual or non-sexual context. Brat taming is the act of showing boundaries, enforcing rules and also showing the brat consequences for disobedience, ignoring or rules or misbehaving.

The brat tamer has following roles:

  • Disciplining the brat when acting out and punishing accordingly
  • Teaching the brat to accept and even thank the Tamer for punishments
  • Balancing the brats obedience, training and bratting
  • Setting up rituals, protocols and formal trainings for the brat

What is a “Brat”?

The “brat” role can be seen as a form of age play, where the submissive partner takes on the persona of a child or teenager who behaves in a disobedient or mischievous manner. This dynamic can be a way for the submissive to explore their own playful and mischievous side while also submitting to the authority and discipline of the dominant partner.

A brat is a submissive and disobedient women who is “acting out”. Brats typically talk back, ignore commands, challenge and purposefully ignore demands from their dominant. Bratty behavior can also involve calling their tamer names, bothering them while engaged in other tasks, distracting/teasing the dominant or harassing the Dom to get what they want (e.g. punishment, sex, attention).

Brats usually have following characteristics:

  • Break minor rules (e.g. name calling, not following orders, joking etc.)
  • Know the time/place when to be bratty
  • Accepting punishment and even encouraging to be punished
  • Understanding difference between punishment for obedience vs. bratting
  • Balance the time and reaction when to be bratty and when to be not

It’s important to note that while the “brat tamer” dynamic may involve punishment and discipline, it’s still important to establish clear boundaries and guidelines and to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about what activities and scenarios are and are not acceptable. In general, it is especially for beginners advised to have a safeword in place to stop if any parties involved change their mind or feel uncomfortable during the scene and the disciplinary part or the brattiness goes out of hand. 

Characteristics of a Brat Tamer

Some characteristics that a brat tamer may possess are:

  • They have a strong sense of authority and enjoy controlling the submissive.
  • They desire to discipline and train the submissive to behave a certain way.
  • They want playful and mischievous behavior from the submissive and may enjoy age play.
  • They can provide a balance between discipline and care, making sure the submissive is safe and comfortable.
  • They can communicate effectively and ensure that the dynamic is consensual.

It’s also important to note that this dynamic is not for everyone, and it’s essential to have open and honest communication with your partner to determine the boundaries, the common goals, what kind of mischievous behavior is acceptable but also what kind of discipline and consequences are within limits. Remember that the “brat tamer” dynamic should always be consensual and never involve any non-consensual or non-safe activities.

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Creative & Flexible

Roleplays and power dynamics such as Brat/Brat Tamer offer a broad spectrum of possibilities. I take pride in being one of the most flexible doms out there and giving you the possibility to be what you want to be and to live your role you want to experience. I will be creative in making it happen and as long as it is naughty, funny and interesting you will have my full support.


With my broad experience and deep knowledge I will train you perfectly and tame the little brat. You can expect a very demanding Brat Tamer with with lots of knowledge to teach you, lots of love to give and care to offer. I will make sure that you will be my good little girl, daddy can be proud of.

Attention & Care

With my experience, attention and my caring side, you will always be on the safe track to experience what you want but without the dangers and problems. Trust me as your strict, playful, caring and loving Brat Tamer to lead you to your fantasies, protect and care for your needs. The better you play with your brat side the more discipline I will give you.