Dehumanization, object, doll and rubber doll transformation

Objectification & Dollification

wiobject of desire
& Just my property

One of the special fields in BDSM is taking away someone’s right to be human or even be an animal. For an object, the only duty is to do what is expected. You have no rights, no will, and take no-decision.

When you are used as a table, you just become a table. When you are on display as an object, you only look good, don’t move, and let others use you as they want.

Transform to become my doll

Dollification is about transforming into a doll and also the form of body modification and bimbofication. There are similar aspects to it. Some refer to you as acting as a doll, extreme femininity, looking like a (Barbie) doll, or even becoming a rubber doll. If I decide to make you my living doll, then you don’t move, don’t moan, you don’t get to orgasm, you don’t think, don’t move or anything else – You are just a doll that gets dressed, placed, and used however I want to use you.

Become a rubber-Doll for life

Suppose you are also into latex like I am. In that case, there is a chance that I will fully enclose you into latex, train you as a doll without a will, with perfect posture, a restrained and optimized body, used however I want, and make you my perfect little latex fuck-doll. Rubber dolls have a special appeal with full control, no rights, and a special dynamic but also require special training and care to make it work on the long-run.



Just be my object, nothing more

Become my Object

No rights, no opinion, nothing except being something I tell you. Become my willingless object and only be there to be useful to others without the right for anything else.

Dollification and doll transformation

Transform to be my doll

My love for feminine women will give you the chance to become an object of desire. I will lead you in your transformation to look, act and be used like my personal doll. We will outline the transformation together and make sure that you will be perfect for me.

Full enclosure, corset and latex

Become a Rubber Doll

Transforming you from a human being into a latex enclosed doll solely for my pleasure. You will become my rubber doll and with special training you will learn how to look good and only be there for your owner and master as an object of desire.

Get an experienced doll owner and Master

Choose me as
your Owner

Trust & Respect

Submission is a gift that is given and not taken. This means respecting initial boundaries and earning trust. It is of upmost importance that both sides understand the importance of trust and respect, this is why I only take full submission after there is trust. This is especially important when we are speaking about full control, dehumanization, dollification and objectification.


With my broad experience and deep knowledge I will transform your body and mind to form a perfect doll. You can expect a very demanding Maledom with lots of fantasy towards optimizing your body, dressing you up and transforming you. I will dedicate a lot of time for your training, choosing the clothing and optimizing you to become a perfect object of desire.


With your full submission into transforming yourself to become and object or doll, I will me very demanding and having high expectations. Only when you are fully commited and want to go the extra mile, I will allow you to become trained as an object or doll. Because without this 100% submission it will not work and it is not worth my time.
100% dedication for transformation is required.