24/7 Dominant/submissive Sample Contract Template

In the nuanced and deeply personal world of BDSM, the contract is a fundamental tool that embodies the power dynamic between a Dominant and a submissive. Over the years, I have crafted a variety of contracts for dozens of slaves, pets, subs and littles who applied to submit to me and were worthy to deserve […]

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In the nuanced and deeply personal world of BDSM, the contract is a fundamental tool that embodies the power dynamic between a Dominant and a submissive. Over the years, I have crafted a variety of contracts for dozens of slaves, pets, subs and littles who applied to submit to me and were worthy to deserve my contract. Each contract was always tailored to the unique connection and journey of the individuals involved. The power of the contract lies not only in its ability to outline the practical aspects of the dynamic, but also in its ability to affirm the mutual respect, understanding and consensual nature of the relationship.

Recognizing the central role that such a document plays, I reproduce here a version of a dominant submissive contract that has been refined through experience and careful consideration. This standard contract is a synthesis of essential elements that many find valuable in shaping their power exchange relationships. However, it is by no means exhaustive and is certainly not the only template I use in my personal practice. Every dynamic from base D/S play to more intricate TPE and 24/7 dynamics have their own claues and they need to be worked out with desires and fetishes in mind, fitted to the different roles and then personalized to a point that it helps to build a good and healthy relationship.

Every relationship is different, and the beauty of a contract in BDSM is that it is completely customizable. Think of this template as a starting point – a canvas on which you can paint the terms that suit you and your partner. The clauses in this contract are suggestions that reflect a wide range of D/s dynamics and are provided here for reference and customization.

For those who wish to work with this template, it has been made accessible as a editable Google Doc version so that it can be easily modified and personalized. You can download it, revise it, and customize it to fit the unique structure and ethos of your own relationship. Whether you choose to adopt it as is, or use it as inspiration to develop your own contract, this dominant-submissive contract is a resource offered to you to enhance your journey in the BDSM community.

Template and Sample for a 24/7 Dominant/submissive Contract

This template provides a simple and structured blueprint for a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship and should be used as a starting point for negotiations or for beginners. All parties should thoroughly discuss and consent to each part of the contract before signing. Legal advice is also recommended to ensure that the contract respects the legal boundaries of the jurisdiction in which it is enacted if special considerations like financial control or others are involved.

You can simply copy the content below the line or use the Google Docs version (please make a copy and do not request access)


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A. Preamble

This document is a binding contract of submission and Dominance, entered into by the undersigned parties, herein referred to as the Dominant and the submissive. It is a formal declaration of the power exchange relationship and agreement between the Dominant and submissive, who fully consent to the commitments and duties outlined within.

The purpose of this contract is to codify and secure the consensual and voluntary surrender of control by the submissive to the Dominant. The fulfillment of the Dominant’s needs and the submissive’s willingness to be led are the foundational elements of this agreement. Both parties agree to embark on this journey with respect, trust, and a shared desire to deepen their bond through the practice of Dominance and submission.

This contract acknowledges that the exchange of power is total, encompassing all aspects of the submissive’s life and being. However, it also establishes the fundamental principles of safety, sanity, and consensuality which are not to be breached under any circumstances. The contract ensures that the relationship dynamic is enjoyed responsibly and ethically.

B. Contract Partners

  1. Dominant: [Full name of Dominant], henceforth referred to as ‘the Dominant’, of [Address or location], agrees to accept the submission of the submissive according to the terms specified in this contract. The Dominant will assume responsibility for the wellbeing and the proper training, guidance, and discipline of the submissive. The Dominant will also derive pleasure and satisfaction from their use and control of the submissive.
  2. Submissive: [Full name of submissive], henceforth referred to as ‘the submissive’, of [Address or location], willingly and freely offers their submission to the Dominant under the terms and conditions of this contract. The submissive agrees to obey and submit fully to the Dominant and accepts the Dominant’s judgment, requirements, and discipline.

Both parties affirm that they derive personal satisfaction and happiness from their roles within the terms of this contract and that they enter into this agreement without coercion or duress. This contract is a private agreement between the Dominant and the submissive and is not legally binding.

1. Code of Conduct

1.1. Duties of the Submissive

The submissive shall adhere to all duties as set forth by the Dominant, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Duties: The submissive is to prioritize the needs and desires of the Dominant above her own, ensuring that the Dominant is physically and emotionally cared for. As part of her submission, the submissive is to act as the Dominant’s partner in all sexual play and offer physical comfort, obey commands, remain loyal, and provide honest feedback or communication.
  • Household Duties: The submissive is responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of the shared living space, performing tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and other errands as required by the Dominant. The submissive acknowledges that all tasks assigned are to be considered permanent aspects of her duties, subject to change at the Dominant’s discretion.

1.2. General Behavior

  • In Private: The submissive shall address the Dominant as “Sir” or “Mister” and is to give undivided attention when spoken to. The submissive will follow protocols for sitting, standing, walking, kneeling, and laying as directed by the Dominant.
  • In Public: The submissive shall address the Dominant by his first name or as “Mister” when privacy does not permit formal titles. The submissive will dress according to the Dominant’s wishes and maintain a demeanor that reflects well on the Dominant at all times.

1.3. Training

The submissive shall undergo any training deemed necessary by the Dominant to better serve and please him. This may include:

  • Domestic skills training
  • Presentation and etiquette training
  • Sexual training, including orgasm control and anal training
  • Any additional areas the Dominant wishes to explore

1.4. Orgasm Control

The submissive’s orgasms are under the control of the Dominant. The submissive shall not seek orgasm without express permission from the Dominant, recognizing that such control is part of her training and a privilege granted by the Dominant.

1.5. Punishment

Should the submissive fail to adhere to the Code of Conduct, engage in disrespectful behavior, or disobey the Dominant, punishments may be administered. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporal punishments such as spanking, cropping, or caning
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Denial of privileges, including orgasm
  • Any other form of correction the Dominant finds appropriate

The purpose of punishment is to provide clear and instructive discipline, after which all transgressions are forgiven, and the submissive is welcomed back into the Dominant’s good graces.

2. Limits and Safety

2.1. Limits of the Submissive

The submissive has communicated the following limits, which will be respected at all times:

  • Hard Limits: [Include any acts the submissive cannot partake in under any circumstances for safety, legal, or personal reasons.]
  • Soft Limits: [Include activities that the submissive is hesitant about or may require further negotiation or gradual exploration.]

2.2. Safety

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of both parties, the following safe words will be used:

  • Red: A signal for the immediate cessation of all activity. The scene ends, and no further action will occur until issues are discussed and resolved.
  • Yellow: Indicates approaching the edge of the submissive’s limits or comfort level. The Dominant will check in with the submissive, adjust the activity, or proceed with caution.

The use of safe words is mandatory, and both the Dominant and submissive commit to honoring them without hesitation or delay.

3. Submissive’s Pledge

As a devoted submissive, I, [submissive’s name], pledge the following to my Dominant, [Dominant’s name]:

  1. Service and Obedience: I commit to the service of my Dominant with enthusiasm and dedication. I will strive to anticipate his needs and be proactive in my servitude. Obedience to his wishes will be my top priority, knowing that it brings us both fulfillment.
  2. Personal Growth: I will continually seek to improve myself in all areas of my life to become the best version of myself for my Dominant. This includes addressing personal insecurities or inhibitions that may impede my ability to serve effectively.
  3. Communication: I will maintain open, honest, and transparent communication. I will share my thoughts, feelings, and desires, trusting in my Dominant’s understanding and support. I will listen to and honor his guidance and feedback.
  4. Family and Household: I will uphold my responsibilities as a partner and, if applicable, as a mother, ensuring that our home is a sanctuary for growth, love, and respect. My duties within our household will be performed to the best of my ability.
  5. Marital Commitment: I am committed to strengthening our marriage and repairing any past damage. I pledge to move past previous mistakes and rebuild trust, working towards a harmonious and deeply connected relationship.
  6. Consent and Limits: I enter into this agreement with a full understanding of my limits and the expectations set forth. I do so willingly, knowing that my submission is a gift to my Dominant, one that he will cherish and respect.
  7. Termination and Renegotiation: Should circumstances change, I will engage in a candid discussion with my Dominant about the possibility of renegotiating or terminating this contract. I understand that any conclusion of the power dynamic in this agreement does not signify an end to our relationship but a change to its structure.

By making this pledge, I surrender to my Dominant’s will and embrace my role as a submissive with clarity, certainty, and excitement for the journey ahead.

4. Dominant’s Assurance

I, [Dominant’s name], in accepting the submission of [submissive’s name], assure the following:

  1. Guidance and Protection: I will guide and protect my submissive, always considering her well-being and growth as a priority. I will provide a safe space for her to express herself and explore her submission.
  2. Respect and Care: I will respect the limits and boundaries set forth, treating my submissive with care and consideration. Her trust in me will be honored with the highest regard for her physical and emotional safety.
  3. Leadership: I will lead our dynamic with confidence and thoughtfulness, ensuring that the power I wield is used to enhance our connection and enrich our lives both within and beyond the boundaries of the D/s dynamic.
  4. Discipline and Reward: I will discipline my submissive fairly and reward her efforts and achievements. Our interactions will aim to foster a deeper bond and mutual satisfaction.
  5. Open Communication: I will listen to the needs and concerns of my submissive and will communicate my own desires and issues openly. The pillar of our relationship will be our ability to communicate effectively and compassionately.
  6. Adaptability: I am committed to the ongoing evaluation and adjustment of our dynamic as needed. I am open to discussion and negotiation to ensure that the needs of both parties are met.
  7. Mutual Respect: While I hold the dominant role in this relationship, I recognize the essential equality of my submissive as a person. Her submission does not diminish her value, and I will honor her as my partner and equal in life outside our power exchange.

This assurance is given with a deep understanding of the responsibilities inherent in my role. I commit to being a Dominant worthy of the submission offered to me and to act always with the best interests of my submissive in mind.

5. Signatures

By signing this contract, both the Dominant and submissive acknowledge that they fully understand the terms and commitments set forth within this document. They enter into this agreement without coercion, with a mutual desire to explore and grow within their dynamic.

This contract shall remain in effect from the date of signing until [expiration date], at which time both parties may choose to renew or renegotiate the terms.

Submissive’s Signature: __________________________ Date: ____________

Dominant’s Signature: ___________________________ Date: ____________

Witness (if applicable): __________________________ Date: ____________